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With a background in assessing the stability of the Royal Navy surface fleet, Canark Marine specialise in carrying out inclining experiments, analysing stability and producing operator guidance. We are well versed in providing in-service stability consultancy for dockings or modifications to ship equipment.

Flag State Compliance

Canark have developed good working relationships with a number of flag states and excel at ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.  We have worked extensively with classification societies to develop approved solutions that comply with rules or provide equivalence measures where needed.

Weight Management

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Canark Marine can provide detailed and accurate weight estimates from initial concept design through to monitoring of as-built weight. Where weight is critical due to draught, trim or stability considerations we can assess methods for weight management and provide solutions to mitigate growth issues.



Design for Production

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Canark Marine combines experience gained from the naval, commercial and luxury yacht industries with the most up-to-date marine technologies, to ensure the most suitable and efficient equipment is specified appropriately for each project.


Canark Marine work closely with suppliers and classification societies, to move through the design process whilst ensuring compliance with the relevant codes of practice, equipment capabilities and project requirements.  This enables an efficient integration of the systems in to the ship’s structure and outfit.

Plan Approval

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Canark Marine work successfully with classification societies and foster good relationships with both the plan approval section and the on site surveyors.  This helps to ensure that approvals are achieved in the most efficient manner.



Equipment Specification

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Using 2D CAD and 3D CAD software, Canark Marine can produce the structural arrangement and generate production information to include bills of material, manufacturing drawings and cut part information.  The cut part information will include part numbers and etched lines to facilitate production.

System Design & Integration

Using a range of methods such as first principle calculations, rules based approach or finite element analysis, Canark Marine have the experience and skills to select the appropriate level of analysis and provide detailed and accurate results.

Trials & Commissioning

Canark Marine specialise in the provision of commissioning and trials services which is considered to be a natural extension of the design process.  Specification of technical trials activities and commissioning processes are seen as an essential part of ensuring systems operate as intended.


Guy Canovan
Managing Director

Guy arrived in the world of naval architecture following gaining a degree from Southampton Institute, now Solent University, as a mature student in 2000.  Initially he worked for BMT Defence Services in Bath where he supported the Royal Navy by carrying out inclining experiments, stability analyses and structural capability tasks.  Amongst the day to day work he was involved in the structural assessment of HMS NOTTINGHAM after it collided with a rock off Australia and the retrieval of HMS TIRELESS from Gibraltar after a cooling pipe split.  He was also seconded to the UK MoD as the naval architect responsible for the T22 and T23 frigates. 

After gaining his CEng status in 2004, he moved to Fleet Support in Portsmouth naval base and became the head of the design office on the in service support side of the business.  This involved managing a team of around fifty engineers across a range of disciplines – naval architecture, constructive and CBRN / HVAC.   

Shortly after BAE Systems took ownership of the business, Guy decided to take up a role in his own naval architecture department to concentrate on the technical side of his career.

In June 2011, he received an offer from the Shemara project to lead the design team on the rescue of a 65m superyacht.  It was an offer he couldn’t refuse and shortly afterwards he arrived on the Shemara project. After three years of hard work, Shemara was launched in April 2014. 

After a brief lull Guy stepped into the breach again, leading the design team on the revival of a 43m motor yacht, originally built in the United States in 1930.  This was docked in October 2015 and launched, as a 50m motor yacht, in July 2018. 

In addition, he was instrumental in winning the bid to build Red Jet 6, the Red Funnel high speed catamaran operating between Southampton and Cowes.  This was built in the Columbine Shed on the Isle of Wight and represented the first fast ferry build in the UK for a number of decades. 

In April 2021, Guy embarked on a new chapter.... 

Outside of work, he fails to balance the needs of his young family with riding a motorcycle, fiddling with an old Pacific 22 RIB and taking on more than he can chew with DIY projects. 

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