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British Naval Architects

On the morning of 16th May 2022 I'd been busy sending out invites to a team BBQ at Royal Victoria Country Park.  It was to say thank you to our growing team for the hard work they'd put in and for the hard work they would need to put in to make the Calshot project a success.

Within a couple of hours, the Canark world was turned on its head.  The owner had decided that the significant increase in costs due to the war in Ukraine and the gloomy economic outlook meant that continuing with the project was no longer viable.  The project and our involvement in it was summarily cancelled.

Without a back up plan, we made the difficult decision to cease operations and I had the soul destroying task of sending redundancy notices to the team, some of whom had only been with us for a matter of weeks.  Fortunately the job market was buoyant and I was very relieved that the team were able to get alternative employment reasonably quickly.


I'd like to thank all those that worked with me and contributed to the success of Shemara, Alicia, Red Jet 6 and for the time it lasted, Calshot.  It was hard work but hopefully the Canark experience was enjoyable and for those at the beginning of their careers, it proved to be a good bit of concentrated professional development.


Would I do it again?  Given the right circumstances, I'd certainly consider it.  If you're an owner who wants to play an active part in the realisation of a dream, please get in touch.




Guy - guy@canark.comilst th

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